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Often times you want to restrict the values of a given list based on some selected value of another list. For instance, consider the two lists, Countries and States, where based on the Country selected you only want to show the States of that particular country. There is a nice sample (dependentpicklist) in the CRM 4 SDK demonstrating how you can implement such picklists. In fact, by using the CRM Demonstration Tools you can easily define the dependencies and generate the required Jscript code. However, if we are dealing with Lookup fields instead of Picklists, then having a similar functionality is not that straightforward.

Although CRM 4 doesn’t have out of the box capability to define such lookup fields, there are number of ways you can achieve this including 3rd party CRM modifications such as Stunnware Filtered Lookup. How ever in this post we will see a really simple way to achieve this by using only JScript and the built-in search feature of the lookup view.