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In one of my previous posts, I have shown how we can implement dependent lookups in CRM 4. Fortunately, CRM 2011 has improved in this area and now we can implement this functionality with minimum effort. For the demo purpose I will use the same scenario which I used for CRM 4. If you have not read my earlier post, I suggest to go and read it so that you are aware of the scenario. In fact, you want be able to understand this post as I am basing this post on that.

As usual, lets consider the two lookup fields, Expense Category and Expense Type where expense type is depending on expense category.

exCats   exTypes

Figure 1: Expense categories & types

As usual, we will add these two as lookup fields on another entity (e.g. Expense Claim).


After a tense development phase and even more aggressive internal QA phase last week we submitted the mobile client of our FastClaim solution to the marketplace.  Yesterday it’s status was showing as “Ready for Signing” on the AppHub portal and much to our delight today it is available on marketplace!

FastClaim is a solution to make the expense claim process faster and hassle free for the end users. We are going to take care of your organization’s expense claim processing by integrating our FastClaim service with your organizations existing IT infrastructure which might be based on  Dynamics CRM, SharePoint or any other custom solution. If you like to see a small demo of the app, please check the video bellow.

If you already own a WP7 device and would like to try it out, you may download it by using Zune.

If you have any comments or suggestions please drop me a message or contact us using FastClaim Web site.